What I've Been Doing

These days, I have really gotten more into my photography passion. I have been shooting off photos left and right. Currently only have two people that are modeling for me. Which are my friends Malice and Dave. Both fun people to take photos of!!

Here are a couple of shots I did of them recently, trying different things out with my camera.

Here's a shot of Malice, as I was playing around with different angles.


Here's a shot of Dave, as I was playing around with the flash off, for an indoor shoot.


I have so much more learning to do. I am currently using a HP PhotoSmart 735 - but am saving my pennies for a better camera. Digital cameras can be very expensive. I was looking online at a Canon I want, and it's about $800. Which I wouldn't be able to think about getting, until after I find me a second job. Or if people start paying me to do little shoots with them. I got a package price listing set up already. Just debating when to post it on my photography page. (

I've also been searching on line for books on digital photography. There are a bunch I have found thus far. Again, just gotta get the money together so I may start to purchase my learning materials. Eventually, I do plan on taking a class on photography, but in the mean time, I will do as much learning on my own as I can.

Well, that's what I've been up to. I am also still working on a lot of writing projects, looking for a second job, and doing what I can to survive. Sorry I haven't posted on here in a while. Life has been busy I suppose. Plus, I fall into the habit of just updating my myspace blog, as most of you are on that site anyways.

Peace & Love to all!
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Hello 2007!!

Well it seems as though, 2006 came and gone. Is it just me or did the year go by really fast?? It feels like so much happened last year, but I still don't feel like I got a whole heck of a lot done. lol.

Anyways, it's been a long time since I posted on here, so I figured it was about damn time that I updated this thing. lol. I still mostly post blogs on my myspace page. Again... because most the people I know and talk to on a regular basis are on that site. It's so much easier and nicer to update everyone at once, verses posting the same or basically the same post in a bunch of different places.

My leg has not gotten better. It has actually gotten worse, and now I am dealing with arch support (or what I think it arch support) issues in my left foot. *sigh* All well.. I will get through it all some way, some how, some day.

Lately, I have been writing a lot. I even got a Gather profile. I've got some things posted up on my page so far, and am planning on adding more very soon. I've also been using the site to showcase some of my photography. So if you want to check out my writing and photography, you can go directly on my page at,

Christmas was good this year. Spent it with family. Christmas Eve I went to one brother's house, and Christmas Day I went to another brother's house. haha. A little choatic, but it was really nice.

I've been single for almost four months now. Long story short, he turned into a jerk, and I wasn't gonna put up with it, so I ended things.

Well... I am off this thing for now. If ya'all want more current and up-to-date information, on what I've been up to and stuff, then you can read my blog on myspace. My profile there is,
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Update Time!

Well my goodness has it been awhile since I updated this thing. I've been mostly updating my myspace blog, since most everybody I know is over there now. Including people from the past, lol.

Anyways, these days I have been having a lot of issues with my right leg. It all started as a really light faint pain in the knee. I ignored it, because well... it was just a faint pain that I assumed would go away after maybe a couple days. Well the pain continued to get worse one day when I was over at my mom's place. As the day progressed my whole leg started throbbing. The pain just seemed to be getting worse and worse, and my leg got all swelled up. My leg was even a bit warm to the touch. So being that it was late at night, I called the on-call doctor. It happened to be my own doctor that night, and he told me to go into the E.R. just due to my family's history of blood clots. So I called up my friend Jersey, and she immediately came and took me to the hospital.

She helped me into the hospital, by running ahead and grabbing a wheel chair. One of the gaurds at the E.R. came out and pushed me into the E.R. waiting area. So, we sat and waited, and when it came to my turn, got admitted into the E.R. and was taken back to a room. The doctor was so funny that night! I may have been in a lot of pain, but my goodness was that doctor funny.

He comes in, and starts going into what he wants to do, then stops himself and is all, "OH! I'm Doctor" so-and-so, "Sorry about that"... We joked about how he just had to "get right in there and start". There was even a point when he was checking my refluxes, that Jersey was sitting in a chair behind him. He pulled out the little reflux thing and she was like "That's a nice one of those!" He kinda looked at her confused and when she pointed at the reflux tool (I don't know what they are called, lol) he actually said, "Oh! I was about to apologize for having my butt in your face.", and he wiggled his butt a little. Haha! It was hilarous! We all just started busting up laughing.

Of course that little E.R. visit wasn't all giggles. But I tell ya, when you are going in to be examined for a blood clot, you need to be able to laugh. The main doc that was on and running the floor that night, came in and explained the guy that does the Blood Clot tests is not avalible at that time. They gave me a note to give work, and I was scheduled to come back in a matter of hours to be tested. They did offer to have me admitted and just wait till morning, but I wanted to go home. lol. I ended up staying with my mom that night, and one of my brothers came to bring me to the hospital again in the morning, for my doppler test.

When we arrived at the hospital, he was going to drop me off and run his errands while I was getting my test. Since we didn't know how long it was going to take, then I was just to call his cell phone when I was ready to be picked up. Of course, he did come in to make sure I was in the right place of the hospital, and waited with me until I went in for the doppler.

The guy that did the doppler test was nice. He was kept apologizing to me, becuase well my leg is in a lot of pain, but the guy had to do, what he had to do, to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. Which thankfully, no blood clot!! The hospital wrote me off work for a couple days.

I went to go see my doctor, to follow up with him, and at that point he had me take a couple weeks off of work. Told me to put the leg up and rest it in hopes it would be better. Well... the pain actually was starting to get worse. But at one point, I did attempt to go back to work.

Unfortunately, I was about two hours into my shift when a burning sensation developed in my knee, and it felt like heat was just flowing through my leg. One of my co-workers also works in a hospital, and of course was just like, "Let me feel your legs". She wanted to make sure there was no heat. I of course explained to her about the doppler test and stuff there.

Well I was sent home early that night. The manager that was on that night, was asking everyone who does hosting if they could cover me. The one person I work with that's a server, who doesn't host. She likes her tips. Was the one person who spoke up and said, "Let me finish the few tables I have left, then I'll clock out as a server and clock on as a hostess." She was an angel that night. Because I was in so much pain, that the manager actually had me sit down at a booth and put my leg up for awhile, while I was in full uniform and on the clock! That just doesn't happen at a Denny's. lol.

Anyways, I went back to the E.R. that night. I had to wait awhile because Jersey was at work, and due to she being the only one avalible, I waited. When we went to the hospital I waited in the car this time till she came back with a wheel chair, instead of meeting her half way, lol.

Well the doctor this time was so not cool. He was kind of cold and he order me to get a blood test done (diabetes runs in the family gotta be checked every so often), and we were in the room just waiting and waiting. It felt like forever, before Jersey finally stepped out and asked about it getting done. He forgot about it. So shortly after that conversation with him, a nurse came in and took my blood. She said it was normal...

However, when I followed up with my doctor I was informed it was a little high. I was not thrilled. However, I did eat shortly before taking the test, so that could have an effect on it. Well my doctor ordered up a blood work test done. (which I still have to get done...) and also decided to send me to get the nerves checked out.

So back I go to the nerve doctor. Same guy that did my arm/wrist way-back-when. Which was nice, because he's a good doc, that knows nerve tests are not comfterable, so he likes to move them along as fast as he can.

Well the electro-shocks going through my ankle where just weird. None of the test was painful, it was just really uncomfterable. The only part of the test I really hated was when he stuck a needle in the muscle in my leg, and told me to flex and relax my muscle. They had to do it, to make sure my muscle wasn't doing anything back with my nerves.

The nerve test finally completed... and it was normal. My nerves are fine, no nerve damage for this girl. Okay... so I was relieved yet frustrated from all high-hell at this point. Because the pain still continued to get worse, I was off work and still didn't know what was wrong with my leg.

The next follow up with my doctor and he's frustrated too. You see, I have no insurance. So this is all private-pay stuff, and being that I haven't been working, I haven't been able to make money, while all these medical bills are piling up.

My doctor wants me to get an MRI done on my leg. He thinks it is something in my knee causing all the problems off the leg. I can't bend my knee without wanting to scream! So at this point I am waiting to be approved for medicaid (crosses fingers), so my doctor can send me off for more test.

I've been off work for like two months now. Almost three, by the time this month passes. *sigh* It drives me crazy, because I am a person who needs to work. I like working. I may hate the place I'm working for, but I like working.

Well.. that's the basic update on my health issues to date. lol. For those of you here, and not on myspace, I will try to post more often here. :)
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Painful Day To Remember

I orginally posted this on MySpace. But considering not all of you are on MySpace, and I don't want to re-type things out, I'm simply copying and pasting the below entry...


So it's time to get a little more personal. I've been having some odd issues lately, and yesterday I had a very sharp pain in my right side. I mean it hurt bad! I all but cried, lol. I could hardly move, and yesterday was laundry day for me, so you can imagine how fun that was. LOL.

Well my mom (laundry day is at her house - it's our day together) of course, became very worried about me. To the point the minute my boyfriend came in later on, she immediately told on me. He got a bit upset because I didn't tell him there was any issues in the beginning. Which was dumb on my part, I guess it was one of those "I didn't want him to worry" moments. Plus I was just trying to blow them off. Well, I continued to have pains today. Not as bad as the night before, but still intense enough that I called my doctor's office. The doc that was filling in for my own that day, called me back and I explained the symptoms to him, and he said that it could be a number of things and told me that if the pain is that intense, then he suggests going to the emergancy room. So yes... I called up one of my brothers and he came and picked me up and took me to the emergancy room.

Before he got to me, I of course called up my work and talked to my manager, letting him know what basically was going on.

When arriving at the hospital, I suprisingly got right in. Went straight to registration, then straight back to a room. I made my brother come back with me to keep me company, because it's still an E.R., and it still takes hours (or what feels like it) between pokes, tests and other things they do to you at a hospital. lol. Of course he had to step out a couple times, but he still came back there with me. I kept reminding him of what an "awesome" brother he was for taking his little sister to the emergancy room when she needed to go.

Anyways, they ran some usual tests and then did a KAT Scan on the area that was hurting. Well my apendix looks good. Which is always a plus! LOL. Although the doctor did say that with that kind of a test, it would be too early to detect anything wrong with it, but I guess it did look fine. So, his "guess" is that I had passed a kidney stone. I guess my kidney looks fine, but I probably had a stone, and it passed through the previous night, since it didn't hurt as bad. He said I would be a little tender and sore for a couple of days. No one is happy that he "guessed" my diagnoses. I have to call my doctor first thing in the morning and set up an appointment, for the follow up visit. I'm supposed to in the next 1 - 2 days. *sigh*

So then after finally leaving (was there for a long while) the hosptial, I made a pit stop into my work to give a note to management, basically saying I was excused for Thursday & Friday. :) YAY!! Day off to rest and relax, and try to feel better. lol.... Anyways, I stopped and got to see two very groovy people (Hi Dave & Faith!!) who stopped in to see me, and unfortunately I couldn't work so I wasn't there. But thankfully I did think to stop in on the way home to give in my note. So I was able to get the hugs and talk to them for a few minutes.

After stopping at work I came home, informed my dad, called up my mom and informed her on the updates and what they "think" is wrong with me.

Later on my boyfriend came over to see me, and check on me. He took me out and spent some time with me.
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Random Ramblings

Work has cut my hours even more. I am now lucky if I get 13 hours in. If I get to work my entire shift tonight (Sunday), then I will get 13 hours. *sigh* I remember the full time days, when I could be a server and get my 40 hours a week. Made much better money then...

Anyways, last Friday I had off and I went to my mom's for a "Girls Night". We watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose, good movie!! OMG! If you haven't seen it yet, you gotta! It's a good movie, and knowing that it's based on a true story adds to it.

Oh! I cancelled my paid account for next month. *shrug* I was only supposed to be charged $3.00, because it was a reaccurring payment, however they charged me $4.00 - and I did not sign up for 100 userpics!! So yes, I have cancelled, and have yet to find a costumer service e-mail I can use to contact LiveJournal.

I took some new photos last Tuesday. I'll have to post them in a later post. I may work on my description on here a little bit tonight. If not, I get to it this week. hehe.

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Suckie Week

Well, this week has been kinda crazy. I am so tired right now, as it's 2:57am and I am still awake. I got out of work at like 10:00pm, got picked up around 11:00pm - then went out to eat and help my boyfriend write out his homework. He has a brace on his arm now too.... :( Poor guy has fractured soft tissue in his wrist.

Work has me stressed out. Just thinking about it stresses me out. I want to quit... I really am considering it. I seriously debated with myself tonight whether to quit or not. Of course, I would put my two weeks in, and give the proper notice... unless they piss me off that badly! LOL.

Alright, well this is a short entry, cause I am really tired. Just thought I would post a quick hello or something, since I haven't posted in awhile.
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Party & Career Stuff

So last Saturday I had requested the day off, and recieved it! I was able to go to my Aunt & Uncle's 25th Wedding Anniversary party. Which was awesome, since they re-newed their vows. The same minister that married them, was the guy that re-married them. It was very sweet and beautiful.

It was so much fun too!! OMG! One of my cousin's tricked me into dancing! Okay, I so don't dance, I just can't dance. But hey, at least I admit it. LOL. Anyways, it all started when one of my cousin's was trying to get me to dance, and I wouldn't budge. I was just like, "I don't dance" Keep in mind, I just finished slow dancing with my Aunt, haha. But I wouldn't budge. So she went over to her brother (the one that tricked me), and I guess she bet him that he couldn't get me to dance. So he comes up to me, and he's all, "Sarah, I need to talk to you." And he sounds so serious, he's like, "can you come here for a second." So I got up and I was like what. Then he was all, "give me your hand" and he started dancing with me! LMFAO!! I couldn't believe it. I had to laugh, just cause he tricked me so well. haha... I love my family.

The party was a blast, and given the current situations it was so good to see my mom have a good time. She really did, but it came to a point were we both got too tired, and had a long ride home. So we ended up leaving the party a bit early. When I got home, I returned a couple phone calls and then I just crashed! I fell asleep sometime before 10:00pm, and didn't wake up for the day until around 2:00am! HAHA! I mean, I got up for awhile between like 8:14am and 10:00am, but WOW, did I sleep! LOL. I am wide awake at the moment, and I am like, "SHIT!". Only because I have a staff meeting at work tommorrow. LOL.

Also, I am really considering joining up with Mary Kay. Almost a year ago, I had the same intentions. However, at that time I was all set to go, but money fell through, and I was unable to sign up. *sigh* It sucked, cause I really wanted to do the Mary Kay route. Instead, I ended up at my local Denny's... which some of you know how that turned out for me... *big sigh*

Well, I am seriously looking at selling Mary Kay again. This time, I am able to save up to sign up for Mary Kay. I think at first I will just do the website portion of the career. Just until I am fully ready to make Mary Kay a career. At that point... well... we won't go into that yet. lol.

OMG!!! Why am I still awake?!?!?!?! LOL. I seriously need to go to bed, but I just can't get tired. lol.
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Lazy Butt Day

Well yesterday I ended up sleeping most of it away. How the hell I did that, I will never know. lol. Seriously though, I was like in bed from 5:30am to around 8:00pm. LOL! There was a few wake up for a few minute moments, but still, I couldn't believe I slept so long. I stayed up till about 4:00am this morning, and forced myself to sleep a little bit longer. Just so I could be up all day, and night since I am working tonight. I was originally going to stay in bed until 9:15am, but I woke up at like 7:10am, lol.... all well at least I tried.

Anyways, I got to run to the store today. My brace finally wore out and broke. *sigh* I've had the damn thing for like four or five months now. All well, hopefully I will get to a store before I go to work tonight.

Okay... well I am off to get some breakfast.
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Restless Night

Okay, so my day started off when I got up at like 9am, well I was awaken by my boyfriend calling me. I went with him to take care of some of his arrends. Then I got dropped back off. I was so exhausted at that point, due to only being on like two hours of sleep, if that! I was also really hungry, so I had a quick bite, called my mom, then ended up crashing shortly after. I slept from like 3pm something, to like 8pm. lol. So there went my day. But it's okay, cause I went back out to dinner with my boyfriend. Now I'm home, full and kinda tired. lol. I got some photos developed while I was out tonight. I found a disaposable camera I never got developed. I have another one from my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party yet too, lol. That was long ago! LOL. It was from the family reunin for my dad's side 2005. It was in like June or July. haha...

It's like 2:36am, I'm so restless right now. I can hardly sit still. There's a lot I want to work on tonight, but at the same time I want to try and sleep a little bit. So if I go out in the morning, I'll be awake.

I've been working on finding and making more icons for my LiveJournal. I think I may make and add more later. You can find the ones I've uploaded so far here,

Okay, well I'm really thirsty, so I'm off to get a drink and plot out my night, haha.
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New Year, New Start

Happy New Year 2006! - Okay... that's like 9 days too late, but all well. This is the first entry of the year, so I can still say it... *hehe*

Last year, really kinda sucked for me. So this year, I am going to try and make things better. lol. I didn't make any resolutions, and I don't intend too. I never keep the damn things anyways, lol. Did anyone make resolutions this year?

Oh! I upgraded my LiveJournal account this morning. I'm working on adding more userpics, I have updated my info. I'm also working on building a scrapbook, and some other stuff. *shrug* I got bored and it was really cheap. lol.

Alright, well I'm in a semi-decent mood, although I'm actually kinda tired. I don't know why, I slept most of yesterday away. haha... Seriously though, I did... but I've been up since like 11 somthing last night. *sigh* Today, I get to go to my momma's house and do some laundry... yeah, I've pretty much made Monday my laundry day. So I am off to get clothes together...
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